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 It smells good, it makes clothes soft, doesn’t break down and dissolve properly. Most manufacturers’ classes I’ve been to actually recommend NOT using it. But don’t worry, we use it in our household. If you’re gonna use fabric softener, no matter the brand, dilute it with water about 50/50, and only use about an ounce per load. This will help with wear and tear on the washer, freshness of clothes and linens, and save you money! That’s a good thing, right?


Check your dryer’s INTERIOR vent tube to make sure it is not kinked, crushed, or collapsed. You want it as short and straight as possible. (This is why dryers should be installed before a washer). Also, be sure to check your dryer’s EXTERIOR vent about once a month (Once a week if there is a screen over it). Take the vent cover off and clean the flapper or flappers of lent and debris. Make sure they will open and close all the way with ease. Look inside the vent pipe for debris, rodents, bird nests, etc. The key to proper drying is air flow. A clogged vent pipe or even slightly clogged vent pipe will cause overheating inside the dryer. This will then cause the thermostats to shut off the heater. This is not a malfunction of your dryer. It’s a safety feature that is working properly. This is why it takes “forever” for dryers to dry clothes.


It’s a good idea to remove the refrigerator toe kick and vacuum underneath, along the condenser coils, and clean the toe kick itself. This will allow good airflow and assist with proper cooling of the unit. A soft bristled brush is good for brushing the condenser while vacuuming it. Do the same thing to the rear panel on the back side of the refrigerator. 


“My refrigerator is warm, but the freezer is fine.”....That’s ice in the form of frost, clogging the damper that controls the flow of air into the refrigerator compartment. That frost means the refrigerator door was left open or not sealing.  Close your doors and check your gaskets.


Always be sure power connections, especially 220v, are good and tight. There’s a lot of heat transfer at loose connections. This power connection burned due to a loose wire. The power cord plug should hold tight in the power outlet as well. If it’s easy to unplug, have an electrician change the outlet.


This is a very touchy subject. Roaches... We’re not trying to embarrass or offend anyone. But you have to know, these things will ruin the electronics in your appliances. I see it constantly. And a warranty WILL NOT cover this. Be sure your home is being sprayed and don’t forget to treat around and behind your appliances. 

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